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Preview [Feb. 14th, 2007|06:17 pm]
LiveJournal Client Discussions


[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |Machinae Supremacy – Sidology Episode 3: Apex Ultima]

The other day, I tried to interface to the preview page of LiveJournal (/preview/event.bml), and found that while it accepts my client, it does only display the subject and the event, nothing more — no date (if I use update.bml, it will display the date, though), no props (neither with update.bml), no nothing.  Also it has no support for <lj-cut>, which would be one of the most important features for a preview.

Obviously, I should make my own preview, but that has a couple issues:

  1. It’ll never look like the user’s page (every style differs, so downloading one from the preview page and extending it with my functionality is a dead end)
  2. It’s not what the site creates, therefore not as reliable as would be an on-line preview.

As a funny addition to these, update.bml has a couple parameters different from flat, such as the dates (year vs. date_dmy_yyyy) or the preformatted parameter (prop_opt_preformatted vs. event_format), while the others are the same — the preview page accepts the Flat-compatible names (prop_opt_preformatted — which is pretty much the only prop that works, and usejournal and pickw works too), and I totally couldn’t see where these things get converted.  Anyway, it’s kinda funny.

Any crew-like person with any idea? :)

PS: psst, 0.1.86 is out with folded taglist menu and the aforementioned preview.  It’s sexier than ever!