Blame The Drugs (bobert225) wrote in lj_clients,
Blame The Drugs

hi there!

My name is Bob, and im a new member of this community. I am in the process of *attempting* (thats a KEYWORD folks) to create a Flash5-based client for LJ. I have a feeling how the outcome will be (it probably wont work), but i feel like trying anyways. If there are any helpful tips that anyone feels they could give, please do. If this doesnt work, well, I'll just have to force myself to buy Visual Basic and make the client that way. :-P

Well, hopefull I can finish the monster that I have started. If anyone is interested in what it will look like, I posted a .swf file that shows all of the aesthetics, no code.The swf version showing the aesthetics can be located in this directory .

*note: this post has been appended. the executable file originally mentioned here was deleted from the linked directory, i will have it back up soon.

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