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Probably slightly off-topic.  Something I noticed in the last couple weeks is that whenever I try to log in with ljklient, it takes ages to get a reply from the server — so much that it takes around a minute to log in to the service.  I haven’t changed a thing in my code, and one of my translators mentions the same problem, so I wonder what’s going on.

Anyone have a clue?


Okay, it was the whole AAAA lookup mess as usual.  I’m really glad that linux is daft like that, using AAAA lookups even when I have no ipv6 enabled.  Strangely enough, there’s a proper reply right away when I dig for the AAAA record of www.livejournal.com — yet ljKlient tries four times, every 5 seconds, until it finally gives up and does an A record lookup.

A solution would be if LiveJournal were available on ipv6 :P  I’ll try to figure out how to stop Python from doing this until then…


Wireshark to the rescue!  Using my ISP or OpenDNS makes them fire back empty responses as proper, and then the software tries on “A” pretty quickly — my router however tries to be helpful by immediately looking it up on “A” once “AAAA” failed, and replies with a PTR: “ type PTR, class IN, www.livejournal.com” which apparently is too confusing to something in my system.  Fun.

So, well, back on topic — if you use ljKlient and it’s ridiculously slow for you at logging in… set your nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf to OpenDNS’s addresses.  Should help a lot.


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