Scott Lawrence (jerronimo) wrote in lj_clients,
Scott Lawrence


Out of curiosity to the other LJ Client developers out there;

When you are composing your HTTP form to be posted to the server, for a "postevent", do all of you set all of the variables first, then have the "event" data at the end?

I was just looking at some docs, and it seems that some form posting mechanisms cut off a post after a certain number of bytes. I haven't yet tested the LJ servers to see if this is the case here, but if there was a situation where a journal user was posting a very long entry that they wanted to be private, but it ended up being so long that the resulting HTTP form got truncated, and the client put the "security=private" at the end, then that 'security' flag would be lost, making the post "public" instead.

Has anyone experimented with this? Do the other clients put the flags before the body? Or, conversely, do the LJ servers accept forms of unlimited size?


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