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I'm not 100% sure this is the right place to post, but I think it kinda is, so I'll give it ago. Basically, my Blogger-2-LiveJournal gateway (I mentioned it on lj_dev a while back)
now supports most methods of the Blogger API.

What this means is that now any Blogger client should be able to post to LiveJournal (assuming you can configure the client to select a custom server).

I know your probably thinking "Pointless!!", because LJ already had like a million clients for every platform and its dog, but I thought it was worth mentioning because as is the way with XML-RPC apps, you can do some cool stuff with them, and many people are starting to do so.

One application that would be worth me mentioning for example, is Niklaus Haldimann's WAP gateway for Blogger. He has kindly set it up so that you can choose to post to a LiveJournal account as well as a Blogger account. So now everyone can post (and edit) to their LJ account from a WAP phone. (I know there was a LJ-WAP gateway under development, as is seen by the ljwap user, but it seems to be dormant, or something, couldn't find anything about it except one entry in lj_dev). This is just one use of this the Blogger API for LivEjournal. (To take a look at this WAP interface, click here)

Anyway, thats pretty much it. If someone does something very cool with the Blogger API that would allow you do post/edit to LiveJournal in a unique/impressive way I may post again just to let people know.

I hope this stuff was OK to post here.


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