Scott Lawrence (jerronimo) wrote in lj_clients,
Scott Lawrence

New JLJ version!

Snag version 2.2 of jlj if you want it.

  • (compare your .livejournal.rc with this one, the +13 changed to +16)
  • fixed the 'sent' directory creation bug
  • moved the journal URL and CGI into the .rc file and posts
  • added 'backdate' and 'disable comments' to the post headers
  • is no longer specific
  • editor in .rc file is now used
  • ispell support added
  • minor bugs in the jerry formatter fixed

The next version will fully support multiple accounts via a "profile" mechanism... where each profile contains information about user,journal URL, all of the other settings, and even preset text... to make doing some posts easier.

For example, when I post my comic strip, nort, I always post basically the same thing, only I change a few words here and there. It'll start editing posts with a base message, as defined in the profile selected.

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