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VB code Needed

I am working on develping the code for a Mulit use off-line poster for Live Journal. My intention is to have verring programs writen for verryng platforms that create a text file to send with min. changes to live journal server. The first few client programs that intreset me would be on Windows (9x/2k/xp) most likely coded in VB, Pocket PC 2000/2002 in eVB and Dos Writen in C++. These programs would create a text file that could later be sent to sever. The code I need is not for these programs. I need help with codeing the App that send the info to the server. More exactly I need the code for creating the post, my VB class did not cover more than the basic controls and exp not internet protocalls.

Could somone Please show me code for posting in a way to the boards. I need VB code so I can work with it and design a text file spec for further programs to be writen (ie a Mac/Palm Combo). I plan on starting a comunity for this subject in the near future and posting info to this comunity.

Thanks in advance

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