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[May. 20th, 2002|12:40 am]
LiveJournal Client Discussions


I'm writing a (simple) WAP LJ client - and i'm facing a serious problem : there is no way (is it?) to get /user/friends or even /user entries (for any given user) using LJ client-server protocol.
It's ok if noone but me will ever use WAP to access LJ (I'm just going to write a parser for my /friends journal style, and I'll be happy with it), but if there ever will be need for a generic client - parsing html is not a way to go.
So if you think that WAP client will be useful, and worth the trouble of extending LJ client-server protocol - I'll be happy to suggest/discuss such an extensions.

[User Picture]From: jingoro
2002-05-19 04:35 pm (UTC)
As I understand it, it wouldn't be impossible to make a public style that outputs pure XML, and have your WAP client parse/process that. You can have one for the user's journal and one for the friends list, and request them specificially.

Unfortunately, I forget how to construct an URL that requests a specific style, though I'm sure someone can reply to this and let you know. As for an XML style, perhaps someone has been down this road before and can give you a style #.
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From: xenofalcon
2002-05-19 05:04 pm (UTC)
Actually, there are two WAP clients already available. They aren't on the downloads page yet, but this is where I found out about them. I'm not sure about the present demand for such services, but you might want to email the authors of those clients to see.
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From: camdez
2002-05-19 06:03 pm (UTC)
I wrote my own WAP client a month or two ago. MoJo (Mobile Journal). You can find it at http://www.netranked.com/mojo/. That link is to the actual WML page, not an HTML page about it, btw. It's quite simplistic, simply allowing you to make posts.

Anyway, though, as I see it, the client-serv protocol absolutely needs to be improved. Parsing HTML is just...it's just not clean programming, sorry. Of course I'm not being critical, just hoping someone with the skills will devote the time neeeded to improve. It would be greatly appreciated.
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