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The client works, dammit! [Jun. 11th, 2002|02:30 am]
LiveJournal Client Discussions
[mood |relieved]
[music |(in my head) DSound, Spice of Life]

As of today, the LJPOST client works without any major incidents. The whole code is pretty okay, but I'll have to work things out a bit. The bloody thing is leaking memory somewhere, and I have to plug things up. Gah. Damned C string management. (Oh yeah, C doesn't have real string management.)

I was planning to add a real scripting engine, but I've decided to go small for now. I'm working on a small language that'll allow me to use the client for basic batch processing. I was going to embed Python into it, but I realized that it would be better to just create a separate LJ extension for Python in the first place. Then I thought I'd use the ActiveX scripting engine (as per mart's suggestion). Hmm... will work on it.


[User Picture]From: spacemummy
2002-06-18 10:53 pm (UTC)
I second the python idea. I already use urllib to grab my journal. It is very easy, very friendly. Much fun with strings. I wanted to make a feature that would tell you what music your friends were listening to. Not sure where to start with this.
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