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Few Protocol Requests [Jun. 10th, 2002|01:18 pm]
LiveJournal Client Discussions


I had some suggestions for Protocol used by the clients. I post it here, because it's a client related issue. If I'm posting to the wrong community, smack my wrist and send me in the right direction.

There are basically three modes I wanted to suggest on.
The first two are "getevents" and "getdaycounts".
Basically I just would like to see the "usejournal" option a bit differently. I think if you could just add multiple journals to one request it would be great. When people have 15 shared journals, the 15 different "getdaycounts" requests add up.

Also the "checkfriends" mode, I would like to see a value returned saying who updated their journal.

Well I know I know nothing about programming livejournal so I'm not even sure how feasible these things are. Also, I don't want to have people thing that I'm whining. I'm very happy with livejournal, these are just some requests.
Phoenix Developer

[User Picture]From: thorshammer
2002-06-10 11:43 pm (UTC)
I'm not.
I was saying for me to implement History Editing for all of a user's journal entries in his or her shared journals as well as their regular journal. I would have to send "getdaycounts" X number of times where X is equal to the number of their shared journals + 1 for their own journal. At least that's how I would have to implement with the way the protocol is setup now, unless something is different than it's listed.

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