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Silly question.. [Jun. 16th, 2002|02:09 pm]
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Ive been looking at the source code to livelizard. I want to try and modify it so that the mood pic is displayed when it posts. (Mood pictures are currently ignored/lost). However after reading the protocol documentation I am a little confused as to when/where the mood pictures data is sent (pic urls). Is the data sent in with getmoods?

[User Picture]From: sapphirecat
2002-06-16 03:42 pm (UTC)
When sending the login request, the client can optionally send a key stating the highest mood ID that they have cached on the user's computer. The server sends back a list of all the moods above that number--I don't remember how it works exactly, but there's a field returning how many moods are coming, then for each mood, a mood_${INDEX}_id and corresponding mood_${INDEX}_name field. (Where the index begins at 1.)

So getting back to posting the mood icon. When you post, you need to send a prop_current_moodid field with the corresponding mood ID you got from login. IIRC, prop_current_moodid=67 would post "flirty" with an icon.

FWIW, the pickw stuff is for the user pictures--which one to select for the post (getpickws) and where they're at (getpickwurls) if you want a graphical selection method. I'll assume you know what a user picture is, since you have one.

Whether any of this is actually possible with Livelizard is up to you to decide. Good luck :)
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