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sclj journal is live [Jun. 27th, 2002|08:14 pm]
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In fact, it's been live for a while, but I never announced it. Make sclj your friend to see when sclj is updated. Post or comment if you want something added/changed. Throw Froot Loops in the ocean to create a cataclysmic disjunction in a parallel universe.

From: p1x13
2002-06-27 07:14 pm (UTC)
I use that quite often I recommend it to anyone :-)

It would be nice to be able to select the location of the event doc so it can be made before running sclj more easily. Like a "ljevent.txt" in /home/pixie on my puter on in a hidden folder. Tell me I'm thick and slap me if its possible already and I'm just too blonde to have noticed how to do this though.

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[User Picture]From: sapphirecat
2002-06-28 08:08 am (UTC)
I'm not sure what you mean, exactly. I can think of three things, complete with ways to hack the source to accomplish it:
  1. Change the directory where sclj stores all its files (rc, mood, and event): edit the assignment to $DOTDIR at the beginning, or have a run-time reassignment after rc and moods are loaded. Do this relative to your home directory, or you're going to have to change a lot of "$ENV{'HOME'}/.$DOTDIR" lines. Note: if login is called later (for instance, as part of a delayed login), moods may be written to the new directory.

  2. Change the event file location: edit the system command in do_shell_event. (line 802 for sclj-2.4; closer to 860 for 2.5-dev)

  3. Moving it around prior to each invocation to create a local archive: Eww. The best way would be to add a subroutine to do something like do_shell_show_event, except have it dump to a file instead of stdout.

The third option is a bit involved. Note that sclj leaves the event file hanging around, so you have to enter 'ev' at least once to get sclj to read the event.

Hopefully you aren't as confused as I am now...
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