Lee (firelabs) wrote in lj_clients,

more of a thought...

just had a thought while I was smoking a cig...
seeing as text messaging (sms) is so popular these days, wouldn't it be a good idea if someone came away with a client that would support simple posting features via sms, of course a few problems in this would be that it would have to be proxied (possible password problems etc) but I think it could probably be done quite easily (i.e. mobile phone linked to pc, recives a message then posts onto the users journal).
I would tackle this problem myself, but the only way I have of linking a phone is via irda, and of course, my phone doesn't support this, hence I'm posting here to see if anyone else would possibly be interested in the idea - I know I'd find it handy if I was away on holiday without net access or something similer. anyways thats my two cents, lemme know what you guys think.
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