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editevent protocol question

I am attempting to add the ability to edit previous posts to livelizard however everytime I attempt to send the modified event via editevent, I get the following error:

Client error: Invalid argument(s): Invalid year value.

The year property/variable is listed as only needed if it is being modified. What am I doing wrong?

  modifyevent : function(eventid, subject, event, mood, custom, music, pickw, 
autoformat, allowcomments, security)
var body = "mode=editevent";
body = "&ver=1";
body = "&user=" escape(this.username);

body = "&hpassword=" escape(this.hpassword);

body = "&itemid=" escape(eventid);

body = "&subject=" escape(subject);

body = "&event=" escape(event);

body = "&prop_picture_keyword=" escape(pickw);

/* If mood is not composed of digits, its a moodid */
if ((mood[0]>'0')&&(mood[0]<='9')) {
body = "&prop_moodid=" escape(mood);
} else {
body = "&prop_mood=" escape(custom);

body = "&prop_music=" escape(music);

body = "&security=" escape(security);
if (security == "usemask") {
body = "&allowmask=" escape("1");

body = "&prop_opt_preformatted=" escape(autoformat);
body = "&prop_opt_nocomments=" escape(allowcomments);

var response = sendRequest(body, this.postURL);

if (getResponseData("success", response) == "OK") {
return response;
} else {
alert(getResponseData("errmsg", response));
return null;


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