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Where should I store config information?

Ok, so I'm writing a client. zebjournal. Its in pre-alpha right now and I'll probably be in here asking for beta testers in a week or so. No beta testers yet please.

But I'm thinking where would the best place to store configuration information be? Should I save it to an XML file in the same folder as the client? Should I save it to the Windows Registry? Should I save it to the Application Data Folder? The Local Settings/Application Data Folder? Which one do you think would be best given that I need to store the following?
  • basically the entire login response hashtable
  • Usericons (pictures)
  • Drafts and Downloaded Entries
  • Application Preferences

ZebJournal is supposed to be a 'power-user' LJ client. It has a MDI , multiple journal, and multiple user support across any LJ based site. So the amount of data could get pretty big. Target Platform is Win2k/XP ... I'm not really too concerned with windows 9x, as it is being phased out anyway, and it cannot support alpha-blending which will be used in ZebJournal. No flames from win9x users please.
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