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New version of my LJ-client [Sep. 27th, 2001|06:42 pm]
LiveJournal Client Discussions


1.1 version of my client is available
You can read about version 1.0 here

Here is the executable, here is the code.

new since 1.0

  1. Frends' list sorting

  2. Ability to save friends' state and view subsequent changes

  3. Ability to view frends' group

  4. Ability to notify on new friends' posts by sound and message (in addition to tray icon flashing)

  5. Entry ID with useful menu displayed on "old entry" dialog

  6. Some menu items from main menu added to tray popup menu


[User Picture]From: suppafly
2001-10-25 12:34 am (UTC)
you should start a journal just for info about your client.. like many of the other clients have..
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[User Picture]From: sema
2001-10-25 12:43 am (UTC)
Yeah, you are right..
Actually there is such a journal, but it's in russian for the main part of my client users are russians... and i thought announcements in lj_clients are enough, i'm not planning greate promotion of my client, really

but it seems it's time to make it, such a journal will appear
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