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Calling all alpha Testers :)

This is my first real entry with ZebJournal. It uses one of the cool features in ZebJournal, crossposting.

The ZebJournal.NET client has reached alpha 0.0.3 stage. Right now all it can do is post new entries, but it fully supports multiple concurrent logins, and user profiles. Convenient if more than one LJ user uses a certain computer. Also, multiple LJ based servers are fully supported. The GUI is MDI based, but windows can also be launched on the desktop, like mIRC. It is fully skinnable in windows XP or with windowblinds.

The client needs a lot of polish, as well as a good deal of substance. But for a first alpha release, it's not bad. It is released under the GPL. And it is available here. The installer includes source.

As for bug reports, please join zebj_changelog and leave a report. If you cannot, you can email me at zebjournal@hotmail.com. Ideas, thoughts, suggestions welcome.

I have no idea how to implement the MD5 digest in .NET, so if someone could send me a snippet of code in C#, I'd implement that. I don't know how to implement proxies either with the HttpWebRequest class in .NET framework, but perhaps someone can enlighten me.

This will need the .NET framework redistributable or SDK. There is no way around it. It is available here. Yes, it's 20MB, but it only needs to be downloaded once. Theoretically, this program is supposed to be supported in Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP. I have tested it in XP and 2K. I'd appreciate some testing on other platforms. Unfortunately, as part of the .NET platform, RAM usage for this program is rather high. I can't do anything, a hello world application in .NET takes 8MB of RAM.

To the best of my knowledge, this should support unicode, as by default .NET supports unicode.

If you login with a user after opening an Entry Form, you'll have to switch tabs from entry to options and vice versa to get the userlist in that entryform to refresh.

I ask that you remember that this is an Alpha and not everything will work. Everything is horribly unoptimized. It isn't really designed for resolutions below 1024x768. Have fun.

Download Here


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