Mark Allanson (marke) wrote in lj_clients,
Mark Allanson

Testing and a Question...

Hi guys,

Testing my first Shared Journal posting from the client I am hacking up using C# and .NET. I also have a couple of questions to ask.

As far as I can tell it is not currently possible to download style information via the either the flat protocol or XML/RPC protocols. Does anyone know of any intention to do this by the crew working on LiveJournal at the moment...

Also. as far as I can tell there is also no provision for joining communities you are currently watching via the protocol.. This would be handy, anyone know if this is on the cards at some point.. or can anyone tell me if it can be done currently?

Thanks guys,


PS. if anyone is interested in seeing part of the current GUI of my client.. here it is. Excuse the dots through the screenshot my graphics card is a bit stuffed.
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