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Serial Experiment LiveJournal

Hi folks;

I'd like to demo a trial experiment of a Citrix-available LJ client. If you don't know what Citrix is, then this entry is probably one you'll want to skip.

CAVEAT: This is much more an experiment on my part than it is a permanent benefit to LJ users. I'm curious to see what the limitations/benefits of the Citrix environment are, and giving semi anonymous access to the LJ client is part of the test.

Potential benefits: Being able to avoid having your boss/roommate/spouse tell that you were on LJ. The idea is to make the LJ client available in a manner that does not require LJ-specific clues to be installed on your computer. This client in theory would benefit temps, wireless users, and other folks who don't want to have the URL of '' showing up in logs.

Potential risks: I have tried to make the environment as secure as possible, but there are multiple security risks -- the main risk being myself. You will be typing your LJ password into an untrusted environment. I offer a pledge, for what it's worth, that I have no sniffing software running on the system hosting the LJ client.

Parties interested in auditing the security of the environment should email me, especially if you are familiar with Citrix. I'm well aware that this whole thing would be better with SSL, authentication, auditing, etc. Like I said, it's an experiment, and I'm most interested in comment from Citrix users/administrators.
This works best if you already have the Citrix client for your platform: Minimal support will be available by email. Ideally I would have NFuse auto-download the client to you, but the speed of my line seems to not work well with this option. Again, the main point to this experiment is to see how an app like Semagic (the client I am publishing) responds to the Citrix environment, under stress.

The application is limited to one connection at a time. Maximum of 20 minutes active time. Disconnected sessions are reset, so there is no possibility of another user picking up the first user's session.


  1. Configure your Citrix Custom ICA Connection to point to:, port 8888, using TCPIP + HTTP as the 'browsing' option

  2. Select 'LiveJournal' as the Published Application

  3. Login as user 'lj', password 'client'

  4. Enjoy LJ with no local evidence!

Thanks to anyone who actually tries this out -- when I get some proper infrastructure and can come up with a way to guarantee the safety of the passwords, I'll be able to broaden the experiment.

And if it totally doesn't work -- well, negative data is still data! Thanks for trying.

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