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Finally got around to releasing version 0.05 of LJ::Simple, my perl OOP module which can be used to access LiveJournal using nothing more than the modules which come with perl.

This release has a new "fast login" which removes the need for performing the initial login LJ mode, at the cost of removing some functionality (which is documented). More of the LiveJournal modes have been implemented as well.

The following modes in the LiveJournal protocol have been implemented:

  • checkfriends
  • editevent
  • friendof
  • getdaycounts
  • getfriendgroups
  • getfriends
  • login
  • postevent
  • syncitems

The following modes are still to be implemented:

  • editevent For more than just deletions anyway
  • editfriendgroups
  • editfriends
  • getevents

Read the mode documentation

The LJ::Simple home page is here.

The manual page is also available

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