Sapphire Cat (sapphirecat) wrote in lj_clients,
Sapphire Cat

Copyrights and stuff

I have played with Brad's Perl LJ client to the point where it is virtually unrecognizable (all his code it retains is the Web stuff, basically.) I really like it, and it's my primary client for posting from Linux, and I've been considering releasing it unto the world.

There is a problem. Brad's client has no copyright or licensing information on it whatsoever. The download page said "most" were licensed under the GPL, so I can't assume that it is. (Also note that no version of the GPL is specified.) So the question is, am I allowed to distribute this?

A related question is the version string. I just continued the numbering with "-SC" appended to the version string. But I noticed on test's journal that the Tk client lists itself as Tk-X.Y.Z, and others have forked the other side of the version string, e.g. "LJ::Client/X.Y.Z". So should I move the SC to somewhere else, or just leave it alone?
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