gravitrue (gravitrue) wrote in lj_clients,

lj to email? screenscraping?

I want to participate in lj, but I can't deal with reading journals
on webpages; the load time, the top-down posting order,
and not being able to tell what I've looked at already all make it feel
like I'm trying to swim in ooblick. The web as a messaging
platform is just not as user-friendly, fast, or featureful as email
and usenet. As far as I've been able to discern, the lj client protocol is fine for posting entries but not designed for reading them.

What I really want is to have my friends posts emailed to me,
and followup comments mailed under the same subject heading;
as far as I can tell, one would need to write a screenscraper to download
and chunk up the html in order to do this... am I right?

Is there anyone who's written code to do any of this?
My ideal platform would be perl on linux.
I've come up with some psuedocode for what would need to happen...

as best I can tell, the view?type=month pages would be the easiest format to scrape; does the format change often?
Is it affected by user journal style?

I do realize the underlying pages linked to off of a month view would vary by user journal style; is there any way to get around having to parse each different journal style one wishes to read?

Should I be asking on lj dev? Is there any chance a mail engine could
get built into the server anytime soon (say, next six-eight months)
or would the whole idea be incorrect to the server dev folks on some
religous basis?

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