Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in lj_clients,
Martin Atkins


Hi there. I'm Mart, as you probably noticed. I wrote one of the first 'novelty' LiveJournal clients in the form of mIRC-LJ, which I made mostly just to play around with mIRCscript sockets a bit. More recently, I figured that since it exists it might as well do something special that the other clients don't do, so I made it possible to automatically pull quotes out of IRC channels into the posting window and have the HTML escaping required done for you. It was also the first client to support friends polling (within an hour of the server support being announced - the benefits of using a high-level scripting language) and did "Don't Auto-format" before server support existed just by stripping out the newlines! ;)

It's really of niche interest, and there's not that much more to be done to it, but it's there if people are interested in it. It has a newslog journal at mirclj and is, of course, on the LJ download page.

You probably won't see much of me here since my client has really grown as far as it needs to, and thus won't be getting developed all that much. I just really wanted to mention my client here for completeness.

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