the evil hat (evilhat) wrote in lj_clients,
the evil hat

Charm 1.2.0 released

I've released the next version of Charm, a text-based client written in Python. You can download it from its home page.

This is the third version of Charm (the first was released a bit over a year ago). I wrote it because I wanted something more flexible and more friendly than the perl JLJ client, but still text-only. The result is a menu-oriented client with a lot of configurable options. Try it out; I hope you like it, and comments would be appreciated.

For the Python wizards out there: I have not yet figured out how to make Python handle client-side cookies in a reasonable manner (to take advantage of the fastserver cookie), and I've done Web searches to no avail (all the documentation out there is for having a python CGI hand off a server cookie, or so vague as to be useless). Any advice?

Finally, I made a request of evan last year to get Charm added to the LiveJournal clients page. Still hasn't happened... anyone know if there's a new magical way to do this?

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