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This may already be in here...

**Sorry for the crosspost**
But I'm new to LJ and not that great at figuring out how to make my own style (I've tried but I'm at a total loss LOL) so I figured I'd maybe just get my journal to post to my website. I have a template that I'm sure I can work with on my site (it's here in case anyone know's how to quickly do one and would like to volunteer, but I know this isn't the community
( )
Anyhow, I know that I can use the template on my site using the HTML but I was wondering if there was a way for it to automatically update my site after I update via a client or something like that. I did read the past few pages but since I don't even know what I want is called it's kinda hard to search for information. Any help, even if it's WHAT I'm looking for so I can try to research it more :0) will be greatly appreciated.

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