its a community.. post away! (idiequietly) wrote in lj_clients,
its a community.. post away!

Hi! This is my first time posting here.

I am in a band.. and we started a livejournal community where we can post things we are doing band related..

Well, we are starting to build our website now.. and I wanted to embed our band journal into the site.. I didnt like any of the options that lj journal gives you for embedding.. so I decied that I would need to some how get whatever we post to our community onto our website in a more raw format.. so we can format it diferently. Since our site is done in php, so.. goes the coding of the client.

Here is my first accomplishment.. basically php connects to the server and downloads the first entry.. nothing really intresting to you guys i am sure.. but I am pretty happy with what i have done in the last half hour.. =]!

1. <- Test php script
2. pdm <- band community

The long term plan for this will be..

Have php download and track our livejournal community.. store the posts in a mysql database and display them from the database.. if lj is being bogged down by traffic.

Currently, I am using the get/post method to retrieve the data.. but i plan on using xml-rpc as soon as i can get the webadmin to recompile php with that support. I am sure.. someone has already done this, so if you had any tips or problems that you are sure I am going to run into feel free to inform me! anyways.. take care &&dan

I've got a question.. what are some ways you guys parse through the variables?

I am using Regular Expressions in PHP..
ereg("events_1_event\n(.*)\nevents_1_eventtime", $j_data, $j_reg);

but there has to be a more simple expression to extract the events_event? .. I am not too great with regular expressions =]

.. for some reason.. this doesnt work
ereg("events_1_event\n(.*)\n", $j_data, $j_reg); <-??
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