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JLJ version 2.4 is available!

I just finished polishing off JLJ version 2.4. You can download it from . There are a few minor additions to the .rc file since the last version, so you might want to peek at the new .rc file included in the tarball.

New changes include:

  • Attempts to reconnect to the server after failed attempts
  • Uses the fast servers if they are available to the user
  • Automatically converts http:// into hyperlinks
  • Autodate creation if the date is removed from the entry file
  • Ignores temp files created by your editor "~"
  • .rc file is correct now
  • flush works properly now
  • empty server responses are handled properly

It should work a lot more reliably now with heavy server load. I haven't had a chance to test it much, but it all seems to be much happier now. :D

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