Fearless O'Toole, Last British Columbian Pirate (kimera) wrote in lj_clients,
Fearless O'Toole, Last British Columbian Pirate


Are there any email gateways for LJ, where you send mail to an address and it ends up in your LJ? I'm working on one now and have a rough prototype up. If anyone wants to use it, you're welcome to; but you do have to submit your password in the body of an email -- it was the most secure way I could think of.

Send an email maiblog@buta.hammerofgod.net with "post" as the subject. Fill out the email as follows (replacing brackets and words in brackets as they apply):

ljid: [id]
ljpw: [password]
ljsbj: [subject]
[message text]

Once that's done, send the email and it should (in theory) appear shortly. Right now it works best with straight text email and AOL 7.0, those are what it test 100% with. If anyone wants to tinker with it, feel free. Credit is due to those wo derful souls who created the Perl modules I'm using in the program.
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