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JLJ 2.5 is out! [Jan. 29th, 2003|05:32 pm]
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I just put the finishing touches on JLJ version 2.5. Here's what's new from 2.4:
  • -e? command line options for creating your 'event'
  • -s to autoSend the post without it asking if you want it sent
  • -ne to disable the editor (use this with the -e? options)
  • -vc to check if there is a new version available (it also does this after every post)
  • Lines with ": " now work properly
  • compensation for the server's "Database Lock" bug put in place
  • removed stray debug messages and printfs. (oops.)
  • rewrote the autolinker to be nicer. URLS must start the line, and be the entire line now.
Many thanks to all of you for finding the bugs! I really do honestly appreciate it! You can snag it here:

What's next? ;)


[User Picture]From: resilient
2003-01-30 07:10 am (UTC)
What's next? *evil grin*

How about support for customized friends listing in posts both in the actual post and in a profile? How about the option to not have your post be submitted without line breaks? (I like my posts to remain formatted as they looked in my editor before sending them.) Also, while messages end up in my queue when sending "FAIL"s, there's no way (that I know of) to re-send messages in the queue. The best I've come up with is restarting jlj, deleting the template file that comes up and reading in the older queued message. It would be nice if you could select it in a menu like you can select postponed messages.

That's all I've noticed so far that I would want. Thanks for your hard work!
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[User Picture]From: jerronimo
2003-01-30 08:23 am (UTC)
  • Friend Groups - Yeah. I know I need to get off my ass and add this one in. heh.
  • Line breaks - toggle the preformatted thing. It assumes you're doing an HTML post, so lines are compressed together like any other HTML entry.
  • queue fails - that's what flush is for. just run "jlj -f" and it should clear it out. I hadn't thought of re-editing queued files, since they were pretty much "final" at that point. (and yes, the flush bug is still there in 2.5. my bad. tack in a " &setup_dirs; " just before line 1611. It will be fixed in 2.6... i promise. ;)
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure what to do for the queue one you suggested... perhaps something that will take queued messages and push them back into the postponed list? hmm...
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