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Scott Lawrence


I asked about this a little while ago (probably last april, since that's the last time I worked on JLJ...)

Okay, so one of the things I added in to the latest version of JLJ was a call back to my webserver to check for new versions of the software. To make this easier on myself for parsing, I have the php script on my end output in a manner similar to the LJ's server... something like this:

Which gets parsed by my client like the lj's server responses as well.
I then check this against the internal version string, and if they're different, i print out a message stating to go to [URL] to get the latest version, blah, blah, blah.

The thing is though, that in my jlj script I also send with the request:

  • software name (jlj)
  • software version (2.5)
  • username (jerronimo) (or whatever)
for some personal stats, since the livejournal stats page, is kind of lacking as far as real client statistics.

For now, I just keep track of who/how many people are using which versions of the program.

I realize though, that a client writer can get more dangerous and also send the user's passwords, or even their posts to their own server, and are just trusting the client writer to be honest about this.

Am I doing something that any of you think is wrong? This is just for personal stats out of curiosity of the product. Do any of you do something similar with your clients?Discuss. ;)

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