Scott Lawrence (jerronimo) wrote in lj_clients,
Scott Lawrence

Friend Group questions

I'm adding Friend Groups into JLJ, and I have a question for you all about this;

Are there any characters that are illegal in friend group names? I'd like to have my client set up so that when the person goes to edit their entry, they see a plaintext list of the friend groups atop their text file there, rather than a list of numbers or (even worse) a bitmask.

I'd like to be able to do something like this:

 FriendGroups: Home friends, college friends, not coworkers 
or what have you. I already know that a comma is valid in a friend group name, as is a pipe/bar "|" but I figured I'd ask this here before I tried all of the ascii characters to find the right ones. (Are tabs valid? etc)

I was going to have the latest version of JLJ out today, but it looks like it's gonna have to wait until Monday. I added in a bunch of other nifty things into the next version, including some I didn't even know were in the "protocol".

Perhaps changes/additions to the protocol should be posted in here...


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