its a community.. post away! (idiequietly) wrote in lj_clients,
its a community.. post away!

is syncitems working right?

update doesnt seem to be working correctly with syncitems.

1. find your favorite lj sync program.
2. sync your journal.
3. make a update to your last event.
4. then sync your journal again..
5. sometimes syncitems returns the update and sometimes it doesnt.

anyone else notice this?

I've noticed.. after a few more tests that syncitems doesnt respond with a update action.. if only the subject of the event has changed.
if you edit the event (or the body of the post).. syncitems will return a update action.

I dont know if this is a bug.. but i would think that if you just edited the subject of a event that, that would be considered a update.
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